What’s inside:

  • Detailed breakdown on each step of my daily ritual of success blueprint.
  • 7 Of My personal Alpha/Theta Frequencies
  • Limiting Belief Removal Frequency Tool

How will this help you?

  • Discipline (if followed as instructed)
  • Deliberate Creation
  • Rapid Alignment
  • Present Moment Awareness “Being In The NOW”
  • Abundance – Lottery Winnings
  • Establish direct communication w/ your Higher-Self
  • Increased intuitive knudges
  • Inspired action
  • Neuroplasticity – Create & Develop Reality Loops Of Success
No longer look at the lottery as a game of chance, luck, odds, possibility, probability or gambling.

This program is specifically designed for individuals who’d like to use the law of attraction and consciousness to manifest lottery wins.

Learn a RADICAL new way to think!

A step by step systematic method – that will enable you to manifest thousands & even millions in lottery winnings. The principles remain the same.

An intuitive questionnaire has been created to recommend the unique set of Limiting Belief Removal frequencies & tones – specifically for you. This survey will be to assist you in identifying core limiting beliefs. Once they have been determined you will be assigned unique frequencies to eliminate any and all blockages.

Listening to the assigned frequencies for 21 – 28 days will remove the subconscious habitual self sabotaging actions of your mind.

Expedited Vibrational Number Requests Are Inclusive in this package.

Next Level Of Awareness:

  • Prosperity Gifts
  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance
  • Empathic
  • Psychic
  • Remote Viewing
  • Enhanced Telekinesis

Beginners 44 days for full awakening (Under 2 years of knowledge)

Experts 11 days for full awakening (2+ years of knowledge)

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