Quantum Dynamics

Please be advised – Course development is still in process. Lessons are subject to be adjusted – moved – renamed & or deleted based on the relevancy of the nature of instruction.  Those who are currently enrolled & registered or seeking to enroll now – be advised that the platform is in BETA – testing phases. Kind Regards

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Difficulty: Advanced

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9 thoughts on “D – Quantum Dynamics”

  1. Hjean Williams says:

    Thank you, Mark, for confirming my personal thoughts, that LOA was/is in complete.

    As I woke this morn about 3am, I was reminded of some thoughts…that I hear or have experienced day to day …year to year…decade to decades…specifically “their water is colder”, “they rather spend their money with “white folks”, “light/white is right”. “hold back blacks”, “kill black men”, “console white killers”, “$500.000.00 loans for certain non ppl of color immigrant business owners by the USA goverment”, “black pastors spending millions of dollars with white contractors, but refuse to acknowledge experienced tradespersons in their own congrgfations on a even par”…

    Thoughts of the “Trail of Tears” suffering of Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek, Seminole …etc Indigenous nations of USA and worldwide. Including the free labor forced on our ppl via slavery.

    The stolen land and/or resources of POC worldwide.

    As a youngerster, I would create a wish list to find money as walked to school, stores…etc sometimes I would find pennies, dimes, or quarters just lying there to be picked up. Even this morning, before, on the way to take my grands to school, I saw the shallow of coin in the dark, which turn out to be a dime.

    Since I was a teenager,I have studied and researched real estate, Self-improvement, “Think and Grow Rich”,
    W. Clement Stone Success stories Publications, Earl Nightingale, Rev Ike, brieflly Abraham Hicks, and “The Secret”…etc…

    In my early 20’s I left GM to pursue a new career in Real Estate, as a licensed Agent/Broker and HUD contractor.
    Eventually, becoming a Real Estate Investor/Rehab Licensed General Contractor.
    If I Thought, I could do something I usually did it. Postive Thinking…!!!

    But then something happened, I could Not make things happen like had before…I was depressed, and treated for PTSD aka
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder…and as I began to learn about PTSS aka Post TGraumatic Slave Disorder…Nothing seemed right…all around me.

    Now, I have completed 88.89% of your course, after reviewing many of your You Tube Videos…especially “Become a Huge $$$$Magnet Using This Guided Meditation Technique$$$”. I have received my vibrational numbers from you. The vibrational numbers remind me instantly about Birthdate Numerals…of which I would use in various sequence beginning and endings of my later days of contractor proposals and/or bids, successfully. Once again, you confirmed my thoughts.

    After, listening to your videos… I have in my thoughts went from STILL wanting to become a Millionaire to Now why Not Billionaire status? Not just for myself, family generational wealth…But worldwide recovery of the Multiple -Trillon$ in genocide labor of Beligium King Leopold II atrocities in the Congo for over a BILLION Dollars. Recovery of all the resources out of Motherland that were stolen. Recovery of the free slave labor that created the many industries today that are conglomerates worldwide off “our” blood, sweat, pain, and tear…NEVER 40 Acres and a MULE…Indigenous lands, mineral rights etc…

    How much EMOTIONS brother Mark, does it take to Manifest that Recovery, make our ancestors Proud and relieved of their pains and suffering that effects us ALL today? Core limiting Beliefs?

    Hjean Wms

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.

  2. Kim Haze says:

    Mark, I somehow started in the Quantum and can no longer access (last two vids) cuz I didn’t do the required Subconscious Mind 101 but when I try to get to that, it won’t let me! Help! I can access in YouTube, same names? Thanks Mark!!! ♕

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      Hi Kim – The courses are still in BETA – It would be advised that you enter 1st Course A – The Law Of Attraction – and then mark complete through each series. The videos can still be found on the YouTube page if you do not desire to go through the lessons.

      1. Kim Haze says:

        I figured it all out – it was just glitching on me some; thanks!

  3. Charlene Davis says:

    Thank you for all of this enlightening information.

  4. Matu Feliciano,Naomi says:

    Hi Mark, I am enrolled. I don’t see a password page or how to sign in.

  5. Alexis Hayward says:

    Hi Mark,
    I just completed all the courses that were available. I wanted to know will there be other courses available after this.

  6. Aimee Snively says:

    Great courses , a lot of information to take in , I’ll have to watch these courses a few times over just to make sure I did t miss a thing .
    Thank you Mark Haughton ,for all you free time you put in just to educate all Of us . Much appreciated! And I’ll hopefuly get a chance to be coached by you.

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