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Difficulty: Beginner

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28 thoughts on “B – The Subconscious Mind 101”

  1. Jennifer Jennings says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’m Jennifer and I’m one of your subscribers on youtube. I know you’re a busy man but I wanted to know my vibrational numbers 10/23 is my b day. I’m about to have another baby in April so I take advantage of any free time I have to watch your videos. You are a smart and gifted man. I appreciate the knowledge you have shared. Thank you!

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      Hi Jennifer – Thank you for reaching out. Greatly appreciated – can you submit your request to [email protected] – Thank you!

  2. Lucia fiorentino says:

    Hi Mark i sent you an email over a month ago and haven’t heard back. ..i know you must be busy. ..could you please supply me with my vibrational numbers. birthdate is 9th may 1965. .thankyou

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      5. 9. 22. 13. 14. 44.

      1. Antongiulio De Simone says:

        Hi Mark…i would like to ask a simple question: Can you use your vibrational number that corrispond to the day or hour you play..instead of the number of the ticket?? For example my vibrational number is 22 and i play on the 22nd of the month
        Thank you!

  3. zineb soualah says:

    hi dear mark
    I want to thank you so much, you have changed my life, you must be busy but please could you please supply me with my vibrational numbers, my birthdate is 2/01/1985.
    thank you thank you in advance and god bless you

  4. Mark Beadles says:

    Hi Mark how are you Thank you for accepting me a member

  5. Matu Feliciano,Naomi says:

    Hi Mark, I was not able to open the next course, Subconscious mind. I finished the first course. Let me know what yo do next, thank you.

  6. Matu Feliciano,Naomi says:

    Still can not get in next lessen.

  7. Naomi Feliciano says:

    Mark, I am trying to send my payment for the challenge courses 17.00 dollars in a pay-pal payment. Not having success in doing so. Help

  8. Naomi Feliciano says:

    Oh wow. No wonder payment it didn’t go thru. Thank you, Mark. Well I have finished the 3 courses. Now what? I did pay a donation for numbers. 9/18. I’ll check my mail for them. This is the best way to reach you because I get keep told that your address is reachable. Blessing to you.

  9. Naomi Feliciano says:


  10. Vanessa Rambharose says:

    Dear Mark:
    Thanks again for your teachings, I just wanted to inform
    that I just came across the video on how to use your
    vibrational numbers. One of my vibrational numbers is
    11. On April 11th at exactly at 11:00 am I purchased a
    fast play game 7-11-21 and I won 11 dollars. I was so
    excited about the confirmation and I found my penny
    as I left the store. I am a 100% believer and I hope
    this information helps others.

  11. Edith Smith says:

    Hi Mark i am having trouble trying to go the next lesson Your mind & Your Consciousness. Thank you I will wait for your instructions. Also, than you so very much for creating this group. My life has changed so much for the best. A whole new world has opened up for me. I cant wait to text you and say I am the next Fl Fantasy 5 Jackpot winner and that will just the beginning of my journey on to millions. Thank you so much for all you do for us as members.

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      Ensure all lessons from previous course are marked complete.

  12. Rotem says:

    HI Mark, I have reached out to you in an email about my vibrational numbers and have not received it yet. I know you have been busy and would really appreciate if you could get back to me. My birthdate is 11th June 1997. Thank you for always helping me think positively about everything I do on the daily!

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      Hi Rotem – definitely doing the best to get to everyone. There are over 2,000 people right now who are waiting for their numbers. Your patience is greatly appreciated. – There is a 6.00 minimum donation being accepted if you don’t desire to wait in line. Payment can be remitted to: – if interested.

      1. Rotem says:

        Done, thank you for helping!

        1. Rotem says:

          Do you reply directly on here or send to email?

  13. Linda Edmond says:

    Hello Mark, thanks for all of the info , I wanted to know could you please supply me with my vibrational numbers, my birthday is12th month and the 8th day. Thank you

  14. Linda Edmond says:

    Hello Mark , thanks for helping ,

  15. Danielle Hutchinson says:

    Hi Mark
    I am one of your youtube follower in uk,kindly give me a vibration on 22 11 53 which is my birthday.i’m so grateful to have you you on youtube ,i do not go without lusten to you.thank you Mark.

  16. Gertha says:

    Hi Mark am trying to sign up for course not able to log in My name: is Gertha email [email protected]

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      Hi Gertha – you must click enroll on course B – and you will gain access. Additionally – ensure that all lessons are marked complete in the previous course to allow for entry to the next course.

  17. Valarie Clarke says:

    Hi Mark, I clicked on ‘Get Started’ and the Enroll button still does not appear. Thank you in advance.

    1. Valarie Clarke says:

      Redid LOA to “Mark Complete”

  18. Alecia Hutton says:

    Mark there is no doubt in my mind I was born to be successful, i’ve known this since I was a teenager but kept it to myself because where I am from people see it as being cocky. Things are always working out for me.

    A few years ago I dreamt I won the lottery, i can’t recall if I saw the numbers but when I woke up it felt soooooooo real, I still recall what it was like that morning. It took me a while to realize it was a dream. I didn’t play the lottery though because back then I lacked the knowledge I have now.

    Two weeks ago I got a strong desire to go into town and buy a lottery ticket and the numbers kept coming to me so I decided since i had to run errands on September 11th, I’ll buy one then. I went to a lottery place that day, bought a scratch off for $5, won $10 and got giddy, lol. I calmed myself and proceeded to fill out the paper to buy my lottery ticket. At the last minute I decided the numbers I’ve been seeing were not logical enough. SAY WHAT. I forgot to mention they were personal numbers relating to me and my kids. So i changed 3 of them. The numbers I kept seeing were; 04, 06, 11, 32, 33 and 06 for powerball. I changed it to 02, 05, 11, 32, 33 and 07 for powerball.

    The draw was that night (a Tuesday) but I did not check my ticket until Friday. I darn near choked, I kid you not. The exact numbers i had been seeing for a few days played. Well i didn’t win the jackpot since I was disobedient and changed the numbers but i did however win $20. I know for a fact what I visualize for myself will materialize so I think of this as a lesson and a funny memory. Sometimes we need to leave logic at the door.

    Anyway, thanks for all the knowledge you have shared, you are an inspiration to me.

  19. Thomas Pena says:

    Mark I am so grateful to you for your manifestation lessons

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