Almost every cell in your physical body is replaced every 11 months. Except for brain cells, which are replaced after 7 years.

Illnesses and problems are programmed into our physical bodies in relationship to mental thought patterns.
Thoughts of jealousy, envy fear, worry and anxiety diminishes and destroy your nerves, glands and your bodies ability to rebuild itself with perfect harmony.

Your entire body was fashioned by your Subconscious mind, from one cell & the perfect blueprint stored in your DNA.

From that one cell, all your organs, tissue, bones, muscles were generated.

Your body is NOT many years old… Your body is only 11 months old.

98% of the atoms in your body were acquired within the last few months.

You can change your body by changing your thoughts and keeping them changed.

Do not allow thoughts of anxiety, worry, fear, jealousy to interfere with your bodies natural healing mechanism.

Age is a measurement,Someone could be 45 physically and 12 mentally.

Ask some one to wait a minute and don’t give them anything to gage it with. Separate them and each one will say the minute is up at different times. Put them in a physically painful situation and they will swear that same minute that they had before was way too long.Age is expressed in experience or popular opinion and not necessarily time. Lengths of time are always debatable.

For example there are some very old people that act youthful and that is how they are perceived. Likewise, there are very young people that are mature beyond their years.

Age changes can occur in only two fundamental ways: by a purposeful program driven by genes or by random, accidental events.

There is also an animal living forever. It is called Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish.

Entropy is a measure of disorder.The natural state of matter is to decay.Entropy moves things from order to disorder hence physical biological aging.Entropy in action, closed systems move from an ordered state to a chaotic state.

Our bodies are in a highly ordered state, as there is only one way it could be arranged which enables us to be alive. There are many more ways our cells/particles could be arranged which wouldn’t enable us to be alive.

Age is therefore our body breaking down into a more chaotic state. We measure this process with human time and call it age.
The only Time than exists is NOW, nor before neither after. Time is a creation of the human mind to make sense of life.

What is age, but the accumulation of changes in one’s body. All the cells that died out and new were born. All the viruses and bacteria that triggered the immune system to wage epic bottles and remember. All the events that left their imprint on the memory.

Take all of that away, take all of these changes away, and you will see no age at all.
The change is what makes everything exist.

Time is a way to compare and measure the rate of the change.

Early man didn’t know aging. But he knew time by the tradition of Sun and Moon. Then came the concept of human lifespan.

You are the sum total of your thoughts, and your physical body is a representation of your thoughts.Any disease or illness you currently have, can vanish, if you remove all the mental barriers which prevent your body from fashioning new cells.

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8 thoughts on “If Time Is An Illusion? Then Why Do We Age?”

  1. Cedrica says:

    Great read Mark. You have really been a blessing to me.

  2. Marinho Araujo says:

    I’m impressed with your knowledge! Thanks!

  3. Ms.Bliss says:

    Great read. Very informative. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Phyllis says:

    I really enjoy interesting intellectual information that not only makes sense but gives our weiry mind a joyous change in hope that not all is lost. We must always turn to more than one way incase one is just the direct conclusion of the factors. Thank you very much. I must look into more towards the human physiological mind.

  5. Morad says:

    Granted. Very much to the point. That is if we are talking about the self beyond the physical body. Time I this case is just a notion that our mind concocts. Still, the appearance of a person at 10 years of age is dramatically discordant of him at 30 years or even just at 20….this is aging. Why this aging phenomenon takes place if time is an illusion…still can’t wrap my mind around the idea…

  6. Kenya says:

    Wow! That was beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us.

  7. Dawn says:

    That was very inspiring and informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Kelly says:

    Hello, a few years late to the party. I understand the point you’re trying to make, and I want to agree with you. But, I have children. Clearly they are developing and growing, which is desired. How do you explain the first “18 years” of life, if time is an illusion,

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