I’ve won numerous lottery big prizes and it’s all in the Subconscious mind.In order to Win the lottery you must first change your beliefs on what the lottery is.

The lottery is not a game of chance,odds, Probballities, possibilities or Gambling.Believing this will limit your subconscious mind to manifest a lottery win.You will automatically be placed in the reality of chance,probabilities, possibilities and gambling.

Your subconscious mind cannot help you in this reality because it has no direction or command.Remember,reality exist in two simultaneous states,the wave and particle.

This is known as duality states of reality.The wave state is the mathematical state of Probballities,chances,odds,possibilities.The particle state is known as the actuality state.Only in the actuality state can your subconscious mind help you and take commands.

Your subconscious mind can be made to do anything you desire it to including manifesting lottery wins once you understand how it really works.

The subconscious mind has the true power in your life. It never stops working 24 hours a day seven days a week, unlike your conscious mind.The subconscious processes billions of information per Second.The subconscious mind splits reality from duality to actuality.

Positive thinking, affirmations, law of attraction etc. all have the same purpose and that is to alter your beliefs in your subconscious mind.

To reach your subconscious mind faster and change your beliefs you can use subliminal messages. They are audio programs that you listen to with a set of positive affirmations in the background that you can barely hear but your subconscious mind picks up and listens to ultimately reaching your subconscious mind and changing your beliefs.

Once your beliefs change your subconscious mind will set out to make this happened, it will go to work immediately to attract that specific goal into your life, it will make it happen.
If you want to create wealth, health or attract your perfect soulmate you can program your subconscious mind with new beliefs and your subconscious mind will get to work making that happen, it never fails.

When we use our subconscious mind, to send out the request to the universe, that we desire to win the lottery, this is called “the asking process.” When we stop asking, this part of the manifesting process is called “allowing.”

Allowing is important because, we must allow the universe to do its work in manifesting our desire on our behalf. During the “allowing” process, be sure to stop all subconscious efforts to win the lottery. It is within the “allowing” energy, that the lottery win, will manifest itself. While you are asking the lottery win will not come, because the universe is still getting clear on the details, things always manifest when we least expect it to, and when we forget about it.

See yourself holding the large Cardboard lottery check with your first and last name on it.

Hold that positive image of yourself (visualization) for 5-10 minutes, until it feels like you are actually winning the lottery in your physical body. There is a feeling, and when you come out, and open your eyes, you will understand what I am talking about. ) Your subconscious mind does not know the difference and only seeks to make what you impress upon it –Real.

Do this visualization exercise for at least 21 days straight at minimum – 4 straight months at maximum.Make your visualizations as normal as possible, in other words don’t visualize in fantasy format.Visualize as if it’s a normal process for winning the lottery, just as normal as breathing. The subconscious exists in a state of normality. The EGO exist in a state of fantasy.

Visualization can help you to win the lottery, You have to take into consideration a few things:

How strong is your concentration?

How clear is your mental image?

How much faith are you putting into the visualization?

Are you familiar with the mental laws of success and visualization, and are you using them?

How much time do you devote to the visualization?

Do you have doubts at the back of your mind?

Let’s see if we can share some light on this Law and winningthe Lottery.Some individuals BELIEVES there is no such thing as LUCK.And that is exactly what they get: NO luck.

The second group BELIEVES that by preparing themselves
opportunities will appear. They prepare themselves because they BELIEVE opportunities will appear to those who are ready and prepared. And these opportunities DO appear as they BELIEVE.

The third group BELIEVES they are lucky.Therefore, they BELIEVE good things happen to them all the time. And they
do happen since that is what they BELIEVE. Interesting, they are all getting results according to their BELIEFS.

Once your subconscious mind truly believes your desire or goal it cannot fail, it does not know how to fail, it will not stop until it succeeds in making your new belief the reality

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12 thoughts on “Win The Lottery”

  1. Jen says:

    Hello. I’ve been very interested in your videos. I am a mother of 8 with another on the way. I’ve been trying to visualize, I even wrote my own life story after wining the lottery. For some reason I just can’t concentrate. I haven’t gave up but it’s hard to reprogram my mind. I would just like some advice of you can. Maybe even how I can stay bringing in money from home, any ideas you have will be put to good use and appreciated. Thank you so much.

  2. Ray ellington says:

    Thank you so so much mark for. the education of who we really are ..and how the universe works ..I asked my higher self for more information and knowledge of how the universe works and true to infinite intelligence.. .I am learning how I am connected to abundance prosperity happiness and success. .it’s all ours from birth. Just for us to remember the truth then apply it to our life’s for the truth to make us free..God bless you Mark ..I have also found my purpose in life now ..thank you so so much. .Ray. .

  3. O.T. Amoo-Gottfried says:

    That’s all great stuff, Mark. I’d like to use all this so i can win the lottery, £50,000 to be exact, in two days time; that is on Wedensday, October 31st. I’m watching your videos on youtube and trying to learn all about quantum and manifestation and superconscious(i did a course on this not too long ago, is ‘superconscious’ the same as ‘supergenius’?). I also use EFT. Try and get back to me before then. Thanks.

  4. Galen Rose says:

    I used to be broke now I am a multimillionaire! I say this often an I see myself taking my parents to look at a model home. As they begin to leave the realtor asks them did you like the home? They reply yes…and she hands them the keys. I have faith. I know it will come to pass.

  5. Latasha Talley says:

    Having trouble understanding how you can keep seeing what you want in your dreams plain as day but when you wake up its not there. I see myself with it , for in my hand. In my dream I was given a lotto ticket with shiny colors..I grabbed it and clenched it in my hands. When I woke up in just knew it was in my hand cause my hand was still clenched..for months I dream about change..quarters, nickles, dimes.. everywhere… piled on top of me so heavy I cannot get from under the cover. So much change I can’t find enough barrels to put it in…then I dream I’m picking and pulling change from sidewalks and gutters and sewers…but when I wake up nothing…am I manifesting on steroids but it’s held up some how. Now I go beyond this but this is where I struggle a little. I asked for checks in the mail and 3 came within a month..that was 2 mo. Ago…and they were for 40..20..17 dollars form places I don’t know. .man I’m happy as can be…but they stopped..why??? I know I’m in the area of getting the big money but how and why my checks stop!!! I’m lucky..I know I am…I want luck in larger amounts of money cause I truly have everything else..just would love to tweak some things…help me..

    1. Ana says:

      Relax Latasha, it is coming, you are asking in your dreams, now is time to allowing it by relaxing and let it come to you. When you try too hard things don’t happen.
      Happy manifesting! 🙂

  6. Kaye says:

    Hello Mark, I’m really grateful i came across your channel. I believe i will win the lottery but i’d love to know some tips on how to choose the numbers, is there any method to have?
    Thank you!

  7. Hope Rene says:

    I have a question about after you stop and are in the waiting process, you then playing the lottery yes,
    do you play all the time every drawing or wait??? I see no information on that.

  8. Linda says:

    You speak so well. Highly intelligent.
    I was on another video and you face was there on the right. I’m like who is this guy. After several videos of someone else, I finally clicked.
    I’m just confused cuz I was brought up in the church to think Jesus gives all blessings and you ask him.
    I don’t know what to believe.

  9. Dawn says:

    I see myself receiving my lottery check Now and purchasing my home Now. Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom.

  10. Nelson Bonaoy says:

    Hi mark ,
    I’m WATCHING your YouTube channel repeatedly …and I learn about something missing to me …I’m so interesting your every posting…
    I’m very thankful to you and finally I found the answer of my own questions…
    Mark can I favor to you please…can you help me…
    I want to know my vibrational numbers and I’m gonna play lottery for my dream date of birth is
    Thank you mark for your help..

    1. Dedication says:

      Visit – to process vibrational number requests

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