1. Take a photo, look at it for one minute, then put it away and shut your eyes and envision it. Think about the colors, the objects, and the details. How accurately can you recreate it in your mind’s eye? If there are portions you’re forgetting, sneak a peek, but then put it back. Work on doing this with different pictures until you get super good at it. Until you train your eye to be automatically observant and that minute is almost too much time. We often shut off our brains and don’t realize we can actually turn them back on! 
  2. For the second exercise, take a 3D object. Let’s say it’s a hardcover book. It’s one you have on your shelf, actually. Now, imagine the front, the back, the sides, it opened, it closed, the covers, the pages, and everything in between. Imagine what it looks like under the shade of a tree; imagine what it looks like next to your nightlight. Imagine what it feels and smells like. And maybe even its taste!The idea here is to be able to move it around in your mind. This can actually be quite difficult; sometimes our brains like to live in 2D; it’s a lot easier. So rotate it up and down, back and forth, open and close it. Think about its weight as it rotates. Think about how the pages move as it rotates. Think about it as real object.
  3. For the third exercise, see it in the real world. Keep your eyes open. Take that book and imagine it on your table. Imagine the shadow it reflects on your coaster. Get close to it. Rest your hand on it. How does it feel? How does the indentation of the spine feel versus the cover? How do the edges of the pages feel versus their fronts? Put your nose up to it. What then?Pick it up! Toss it around. What’s it like to balance? Better yet, what’s your thought process like? Are you actually feeling it or supposing? How vivid does it feel?
  4. For the fourth exercise, imagine yourself in an exotic location.Now we’re dealing with more than just an object (see how we’re escalating here?). Imagine an entire scene that you’ve never been in before. Address all of your senses as completely as possible.Let’s take the beach: think about everything from the way the salt is carried in the breeze to the swish of the palm leaves as they brush together in the wind. Think about the heat of the sun and how it makes the grains in the sand shine like diamonds. Get the picture as complete as possible.
  5. For the last exercise, imagine yourself interacting with your environment. Take that same environment and now place yourself in it. Feel the sand between your toes. Feel how the sun is heating up your skin. Feel the icy cold water as you dip your foot in it and the waves whisk it away. Feel the wet sand mold and sink beneath your weight. The breeze as it tousles your hair. Sit down. Play. Relax. Take a nap. Let the noise of the ebb and flow of the ocean lull you to sleep. Let the seagulls keep you company. Are you there? This is the ultimate visualization — when you can picture an entire environment and yourself in it, you have this thing down. Now feel free to create worlds that you can conquer.

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