Slam your hand down on a table. The table slams back, as you can tell from your stinging hand. Now look at the microscopic picture: the table and your hand are made of atoms, containing electrons and protons that create electromagnetic fields.

Slamming brings your hand’s electrons near the table’s electrons, causing their electromagnetic fields to repel each other. This repulsion stops your hand, and it distorts the molecules (more fields) in your hand, causing nerve cells (more fields) in your arm to transmit a signal (more fields) to your brain. Everything comes down to fields, “conditions of space.

The ground under your feet and that coffee cup in your hand may seem solid, but physicists have proven that they are really just energies with movement.

The implications of this non-solid reality are mind-blowing.

What we perceive as our physical material world, is really not physical or material at all, in fact, it is far from it.

Everything is energy, and everything is connected to everything else. The water in the ocean and the clouds in the sky. The trees and the animals. You, me, and the world around us.

Everything comes from the same source and returns to it. Everything is one. Thoughts and feelings are energy as well, so everything we think and feel has an influence on everything and everyone on this planet. In this way, we create our own reality, because mind rules over matter.

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2 thoughts on “Bend Reality To Your Desired Outcome”

  1. Matu Feliciano,Naomi says:

    Thank you, Mark.

  2. Viola Bergeron says:

    This reminds me of a thought I had the other day – Everything within our world came from the formless – Everything in our world is a living energy – Everything within our world came from a thought (formless) and then it was created into form (solid energy) – there is nothing in our world that did not come from the formless then created into a solid form – when you really think about it is so amazing – The universe is so amazing, with all that it creates – everything on this planet is a living energy, think about it – trees, grass, stone, water, air, even the clouds in the sky – There is a living energy in all of it – Then you have all of our material things within our world, cars, houses, cloths, paper, dishes, table, chairs, electronics, everything came from a formless energy (someones thoughts) and then created it into a solid form – I could go on and on – but if you really think about it your mind will take you to a place of wonder and Awww – So with all this being said – We can create from the formless into the form, which only means that we can create Money/Wealth/Abundance from the formless into our material world just as we create all things

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