Quantum mechanics is the best theory we have for describing the world at the nuts-and-bolts level of atoms and subatomic particles.

All physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy; even your thoughts are vibrations of energy.

this is a new reality that quantum physics has revealed to us.quantum computers are predicted to be capable of accomplishing things ordinary computers cannot, which reminds us of how our brains can achieve things that are still beyond artificial intelligence.

If you spend much of your time thinking about wealth and prosperity.

Your mind will present ideas to help you attain that wealth.
AND more importantly what we expect.

These messages become our reality.

If you’re thinking negative thoughts and your expectations are practically on the ground, you’re telling the Universe that’s what you want.

did you know that your life automatically gravitates to ANYTHINGand EVERYTHING that you think about.

Remember that abundance is your birthright when your mind believes so. Open your heart and your mind… and your spiritual dimension will open doors…

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Dedication to the teachings of Quantum Consciousness Formula

One thought on “Bet On Yourself”

  1. Carrie says:

    Mark, You’re awesome. I like where you’re taking this work. I asked for vibrational numbers for free…. I don’t have a card to make a donation on me, but, right now I send love and abundance and clarity for you to continue putting out such good stuff.
    Keep rocking the universe,
    Carrie M.

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