A cytologist specializes in the study of cells.
scientists have found that conditioning, beliefs, perceptions and stress play a large role in your emotional and physical makeup.The cells within your body have their own conscious intelligence.

Your body releases chemicals and hormones that cause you stress when you have conscious and subconscious negative thoughts and the cells in your body save the negative information like a computer.

It is saved in the cells of the body. It is also stored in a part of your brain called the Amygdala where the nervous system can retrieve past memories and cause you to react in the present as if the past is happening all over again.
Our bodies are composed of around one hundred trillion cells. We make a billion cells every hour–24 billion cells every day. This goes on 24-7-365. The body makes a new liver every six weeks, a new stomach lining every five days, new skin every 30 days, a new skeleton every 3 months, new red blood cells every 120 days.

We take in new atoms with every breath, every mouthful we eat or drink, everything we absorb through our skin. We breathe around 20,000 times every day, with each breath we take in 1024 (that’s ten with 24 zeros) of new atoms with each breath. And we breathe out the same number of atoms with each breathyour body heals itself.

Through some process that we don’t fully understand, your body has the amazing, innate ability to repair itself.

Medical science does not know how the body knows to do this, and it doesn’t know what force powers this healing process.

Natural healing – The ability to Natural healing already exists in each of us. Natural healing is the nature given “Innate Intelligence” functioning without interference.
Innate is the natural inborn intelligence and the ability to respond optimally to a situation.
The cell’s surface can see, hear, feel and interpret messages that come to it in a chemical form. Your cell’s membrane has a form of intelligence and the ability to make decisions about how it will function.

Trust the intelligence of your body and allow it to heal.”

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