There was a time, not so long ago, when scientists thought that the material universe was indeed the only reality – it was constructed of random pieces of matter with no order; in other words, “what you see is what you get.” This “common knowledge” was upended when physicists discovered that everything in the universe exists because of energy.

Atoms are the smallest unit of matter. Every kind of matter – gas, liquid, and solid – is made up of atoms. These atoms are the building block of the universe. When in balance, the atom’s nucleus is made from an equal number of particles – protons and neutrons. The atom’s nucleus is circled by electrons, which orbits the nucleus in an oval-like pattern. These tiny particles are able to maintain their balance because of energy. Albert Einstein and Max Planck devoted much of their work towards this discovery.

We are made up of a countless number of atoms. As a result, we are energy-creating beings by default. It is our belief, along with many others, that energy stems from consciousness. And that this consciousness is connected with the material world.

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