Psychic vampires, also known as energy vampires, are emotionally immature individuals who drain the time and energy from those around them.

They are usually highly self-interested and lack empathy.

We all have this space but do you own it? Surrounding your body is the space that creates a vacuum to intake energies from the outside. If you do not control and own this space, you will have negativity exploding this space – resulting in a mental breakdown, despair and depression.

If you fill up a cabinet with your own utensils in the kitchen, your roommate will have no space to keep theirs. This is how your space works with energy too. If your energy is cleansed and you are fully aware of it, it will have little space for energy vampires to enter from the outside.

Flowers need water and light to grow and people are no different. Our physical bodies are like sponges, soaking up the environment. “
This is exactly why there are certain people who feel uncomfortable in specific group settings where there is a mix of energy and emotions,” said psychologist and energy healer Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee.Our mental health is equally important as to our physical health.

Better health will also mean better wealthYou’ll experience:

– Clarity, Peace and Serenity
– Guard yourself against negative thoughts
– Better living and contentment with life
– And many more!Energy is Everything.

And if you are aligned to your energy, you will
live long and prosper in every area of your life.

You are the product of your thoughts.

The more you keep positive thoughts in your mind, you’re more likely to manifest a positive outcome.
Here’s 5 Daily Reminders to energize your day.

1. You are Amazing.
2. You can do Anything!
3. Positivity is a Choice.
4. You celebrate and embrace your Individuality.
5. You are prepared to Succeed.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, and you surely deserve to open it.

It won’t change your past, but you can bet it will change your future.

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2 thoughts on “Energy Vampires”

  1. DJ says:

    This is so weird, I was researching vampires last night as I have studied sound engineering and frequency I have been trying to tell everyone around me that everything is energy and we are all connected, obviously you have done a lot more research and got to the nitty-gritty of this stuff because everyone thought I was smoking too much weed and just tripping but these people are everywhere & will really get you into bad situations like I did for most of my teenage years honestly the law of attraction has recently worked for me which turned my life around a year ago, I had been kicked out from my parents house in 2011 with no sign of being able to come back.. LIKE AT ALL EVER!! until late 2016 I had joked about moving back into the house with mum and would think of all the good times that happened before i got kicked out not suprised (which is very hard for her to change mind once it has been made up – shes an Aquarius btw) she said no rapidly and then changed the subject then around a month later, At the time where I lived was causing me alot of problems and I just used to think dammmn Imagine I still lived at home now then a few weeks after that my mum had asked if I was moving back in. Moral is when I started to be more positive All these energy vampires (who I thought were friends that just got me into bad situations) are not around now and they only seem happy when your vibrations are low which isn’t right for instance if something bad has happened and a mate will say, let’s have a drink about it? That’s already telling your sub mind that your drinking about that situation when another come like that again it is a drink. ; waste of money, health, energy and time I see these people everywhere the war is going on with control of the mind, our own minds, most unaware people are just robots they just took the chains off black people and put chains on everyone’s minds using religion as a weapon against each ethinic group to separate us all from being 1 .

  2. John Naidu says:

    Hi Mark.
    Consider me one of your inspired friend from Malaysia & thanks to the universe for bringing your videos and websites to me.
    I keep seeing this number 13 or 31 or 1331 . What does this mean in simple pure understanding?

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