We often talk about “going with the flow”. Why? Because that is what you were created to do! Think about this…everything that has been created has a natural flow and when it operates in that flow there is no struggle.

Water does not struggle to flow.
Grass does not struggle to grow.
Wind does not struggle to blow.
Rain does not struggle to fall.
Sun does not struggle to shine.
Earth does not struggle to rotate.
Flowers do not struggle to bloom.

What does this tell us? Struggle is unnatural. Why sentence ourselves to a life of struggle when it is clearly unnatural?

In short, struggle is a “learned response” that has been taught to us by those who are in a trance of struggle. This “learned response” has become an UNCONSCIOUS HABITUAL PATTERN. And this pattern repeats in every area of our life – health, wealth, love etc.

Awareness is the first step to making any change in our lives. If you are aware that struggle is not “normal” and that it is a learned UNCONSCIOUS HABITUAL PATTERN, you can CONSCIOUSLY make the choice not to live your life paddling upstream.

Focus your attention on this; NOTHING YOU WANT IS UPSTREAM! Everything you want is DOWNSTREAM. This means you do not have to struggle (paddle up stream) to have it. All you need to do is put your boat in the stream and let it carry you. In fact, you don’t need to paddle at all. Even if your boat is pointed in the wrong direction (upstream), as soon as you stop paddling gravity and the stream will turn your boat around without any effort on your part. Then you will be going in the direction where everything you desire takes place,this is the art of ALLOWANCE.Once you begin to understand the natural quantum laws of the universe manifestation becomes effortless because you are in the flow of allowance.Allow your higher self to take over and put you in the flow.The higher self is part of the natural quantum laws of the universe and it CANNOT STRUGGLE in fact it is IMPOSSIBLE to struggle when the higher self is in command 🙂

It is a simple but powerful metaphor. Give up the struggle once and for all. Let go of the paddles, trust that Source Energy/GOD/UNIVERSE will guide you downstream to your desire and start enjoying the trip. It’s a heck of a lot easier.

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One thought on “Going With The Flow”

  1. Carla Jones says:

    Being privileged to partake in the teachings, I am giddy with delight about the progress I feel surging throughout my being.
    I have emerged after 3 months to the place where I understand going with the flow a lot better and I feel that going forward, I will see breakthroughs in my experience.
    Thanks, Mark,

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