What I am suggesting is that you accept it. So, for example, if comparing yourself to others is your Core Concern, then when feelings of longing and melancholy arise, accept it and say, “Oh that’s just my envy talking.” And then those feelings will dissipate.

In contrast, if you were to try to say, “Oh no, I’m feeling envy. That’s bad. I shouldn’t feel that”. Then the envy increases or goes underground and pops up even stronger than before when you aren’t looking.

Or, if your Core Concern is doubt, then when you are feeling contrary, you can say, “Oh that’s just my doubt talking” and then it dissipates.

If your Core Concern is not being acknowledged, then when you are feeling hurt because your help has not been acknowledged, you can say, “Oh, that’s just my pride again.”

This is important – there is NO judgment. Just a statement of what is and a release. This is very powerful. Try it. “Oh, that’s just my fear/anger/avarice/etc. talking.”

We spend so much energy trying NOT to feel, but the trick is to just let the feeling in – acknowledge it, thank it for its wisdom and let it move on. Like a thought passing through your mind, a feeling passes through your body. It’s alright, let it in, let it out. Trying to repress or rid yourself of it only increases its hold on you.

Anytime you accept “what is”, you release resistance and then you have much more energy available to you. Is there anything about yourself that you don’t accept? What if you just dropped all resistance to it? What if you said, “this is what I am and that’s okay”? Wouldn’t that feel good? No judgment, no guilt, no shame. Those are very low vibration emotions and they never help or effect change. They keep you stuck. In acceptance, there is healing and movement.

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4 thoughts on “How To Begin Reconditioning The Ego”

  1. Carla Jones says:

    Wow, I so appreciate these practice tips!
    I been a truth student many years and am so appreciative of meeting you on Facebook about 2 weeks ago.
    The veil has been released on how to successfully manifest -the way you break it down.

    Thank you,

    Carla Jones

  2. Kenya Waterford says:

    Wonderful site…..You’re a true blessing. You make the Universe easier to understand.
    Appreciate you!

    Kenya Waterford

  3. Pearl says:

    This is such an eye opener after being taught to resist the bad thoughts but afterr practicing this it really works so thank you Mark.

  4. Ruth Blakney says:

    This so awesome Mark, I never knew this. So, if I accept the thought (jealousy, doubt, etc, ) and move on I can keep my vibrations high. You are such a blessing to us. We do appreciate and thank you for all the life changing knowledge..Be blessed!

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