Are you on track for an awesome manifesting year and feel you’re
perfectly aligned for success in 2018?

If you feel your life is drifting a bit here and there… it’s
time to refocus on your life path RIGHT NOW.

If you don’t know what your Life Path Number is
Begin with your full birth date. Example: DECEMBER 19, 2009.Reduce the month, day and year down to a single digit by adding them. MONTH: December is the 12th month. Add 1 + 2 = 3. …Now add the resulting single digits together to get the Life Path Number. Month=3 + Day=1 + Year=2. 3 + 1 + 2 = 6. The Life Path number is 6. POST YOUR LIFE PATH NUMER IN THE COMMENT SECTION:)


Your life path needs you to forge a new way into the year and you need to feel strong to do this. It’s vital that you get enough sunlight, exercise and good food.

Sure, these seem like simple enough things but it’s SO easy to slip into bad habits and when you start lacking the micronutrients you need, you’ll feel like you’re losing your personal power without knowing why.

Don’t isolate yourself. You can be a lone wolf – it’s a natural state for you – but beware of spending too much time alone or self absorption and worry may takeover.

Get involved in a community project, do some charity work or simply offer help to someone in need. This will help you to stay connected with others and put any of your own problems into perspective.


You’re such a sensitive soul that as well as your own dose of the January Blues, you risk empathically absorbing everybody else’s too! Creating strong boundaries and saying “no” to things you know won’t serve you will help hugely.

Laugh more! This releases endorphins which will lift your mood making you even more resilient.

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. It’s easy for you to lean on other people and seek strength and power outside of yourself but you have all you need within!

So focus on the qualities that make you amazing – write a list and add one more thing to it every day this month!


It’s likely that others will be drawn to you this month as a source of the light and fun that they’re lacking elsewhere. You must be extra careful not to become psychically drained – creating boundaries is as vital for you as for the Life Path 2, though for different reasons.

Create spaces in your days to be alone and for your mind to rest. You have a tendency to allow your mind race, and the long, dark days of January can make this worse than ever! If you have any worries, identify them individually, and and then tackle them one by one, in a methodical way.

Ensure you are being actively creative. Make the extra effort to make, paint, draw, build, dance, and sing … without enough outlets for your creative energy it will build up, stagnate and you could erupt with frustration later.


Your life path needs you to know what’s coming so it’s important for you to allocate some time to plan your upcoming year.

If the January Blues hit, sit down with a cup of tea, take out your calendar and jot down some dates.

Even if you can’t book and confirm everything you want to now, pencil in as much as you can – things are far more likely to materialize if you have them written down. It’s in your power to make this year amazing!

Get out into nature. This is vital for you – nature has such a stabilizing affect on your energy that if you don’t spend enough time outside, your emotions can quickly begin to spin out of balance.

It could also benefit you to step out of your comfort zone this January. Even though it may feel daunting (and like the last thing you want to do!) the rush of endorphins you get from taking a risk will give you an enormous boost of happy!


The January Blues can hit you hard. Because of your need for adventure and change, these long, gloomy winter nights can feel like a cage around your heart and there’s a real risk that you’ll search for the stimulation you need in all the wrong places.

So you must plan and create a variety of experiences for yourself this month. Actively participating in the year will really raise your spirits!

Get involved in a community project, do some charity work or simply offer help to someone in need. This will help you to feel grounded (feeling uprooted is a shadow aspect of the Life Path 5) and connected with others, putting any of your own problems into perspective.

Focus on gratitude. Create a gratitude journal and write five things you’re grateful for, each night, before sleep. This will help you end, and start each day with a positive outlook.


You have such an incredible capacity to nurture and hold space for others, that this time of year can be exhausting for you. You must put real effort into taking care of yourself, on all levels of your being, so make sure that you get enough sunlight, exercise, good food and relaxation.

Schedule in some time to do things which bring you real pleasure. And not the pleasure of getting chores done, or serving someone else … put yourself first! Watch a funny movie, go on a spa day, visit an art gallery or exhibition with an old friend you rarely see.

Find ways to be creative. Like the Life Path 3, you have huge amounts of creative energy which need to be channeled or it will get stuck and you’ll start to express deep frustration so make the effort to make, paint, draw, build, dance, and sing!

Listening to music will also lift your vibration and really help to ward off the January Blues.


The long, dark month of January can send your mind into spirals, so it’s vital for you to ground into nature.

Even though it is cold and wet, wrap up warm and get yourself outside! If you’re brave enough, take off your shoes and socks for a few minutes and earth properly.

Make some efforts to participate in the year – do something you’ve never done, create an experience that will excite you and share your time with people you love.

It’s also very important for you to make the effort to get out of your head and into your body, so some strong, pleasure-filled, sensory experiences will really help to lift your spirits!


If the month of January is moving too slowly for you, there’s a tendency that the Blues may manifest as a sulking, victim-like mood. This is the polar opposite of your natural state of power and responsibility, so it’s vital you remind yourself what this feels like!

Ensure you get enough sunlight, exercise and good food (as all Life Paths must) as if you’re depleted of these things, your life-force will really start to shrink away.

Focus on your strengths, and operate from these qualities of empowerment. Write a list of things you excel at and read it to yourself every morning.

Make friends with money. Check your bank account every day, offer gratitude for what you see there and invite in more.

You have the incredible capacity to attract wealth BUT it can also leave your life just as fast. So nurture a good relationship with it now, in this dark, slow month and it will stick around!


You are on what’s perhaps one of the most resilient of Life Paths. The January Blues are unlikely to hit you as hard as some others, but it’s still really important for you to keep your vibration high and start the year off well.

Like those on a Life Path 3, it is likely that others will be drawn to you this month for your innate strength and stabilizing nature, so be extra careful you don’t get psychically drained. This is especially important with family members – start creating some healthy and firm boundaries now, while we’re at the very beginning of the year.

Practice the “17 Second Energy Technique”. By focusing purely on a positive thought for 17 seconds, according to Abraham Hicks it reaches a “combustion point”.

If you can then do this 4 more times, focussing for a total of 68 seconds then it will begin to materialize in your life! This will ensure that there is no space at all, for any negativity which may want to attach it to yourself.


The January Blues are most likely to manifest for you as self-doubt and neediness, so it’s vital for you to find ways to empower yourself this month. Get enough sunlight, exercise and good food, and enough sleep.

Write a list of your core strengths, things you are good at and things you like about yourself and read through it every single day.

Meditate daily. It’s vital for you to create a strong connection to Spirit, as you’ve been designed to bring a lot of high-frequency information down to Earth.

But if you are not creating a clear channel, your purpose is unfulfilled and you could feel frustrated without knowing why, so practice nurturing your intuitive talents – it will really strengthen you from the inside out.


Self-care is vital for you during the long, dark month of January. Make sure you’re caring for your body – your physical vessel in this world – as this is the center-point from which all of your creations this year will be born! Exercise, stretch and move your body enough. Eat well and wisely.

Get out into nature. Like those on a 4 Life Path (and all the Life Paths, in fact!) nature has a really stabilizing effect on your energy so if you don’t spend enough time outside, you can quickly become emotionally scattered and ungrounded.

Inspire yourself this month! You are a master builder, so read, research, look at journals, watch films, and gather the mental resources you need to move forward with your creative plans this year. It’s going to be incredible!

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  1. Carrie Stringer says:

    Life Parh 1

  2. bernice randolph{Karla,Gainey} says:

    hello mark,i did read instructions,but my birth month is a single digit number 2.18.1982,can you give an example with single digit months i tried it out already,just got confused with how you wrote steps wasnt sure if it was the number you were using in equation or the step number?can you help me out.thank you.vey much appreciated

  3. Mia says:

    8 🙂

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    Thank You 🙂

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    Thank you Mark

    1. Pamela Brown says:

      Mine is 8

  8. Christian white says:

    I get 14, Mark?

    May – 2nd – 1978

    5+2 = 7


    Now, do I add 1+4=5 (potential life number).
    Or should I leave it as 14?

    Thank You.

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      Add 1+4 to get the root sum which is 5

  9. Bonita Labrador says:

    Life Path 7

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