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Sometimes, the smallest step in the right direction
ends up being the biggest step of your life!

To shift your life in a desired direction, you must
powerfully shift your subconscious.

Your mind, when given the proper suggestion,
will eventually manifest…

SUCCESS from failure,
HEALTH from disease,
PROSPERITY from poverty,
FRIENDSHIP from isolation,
LOVE from loneliness.

For nothing is impossible to the subconscious mind, and it operates entirely by suggestions, repetition, feelings, emotions, images.

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Dedication to the teachings of Quantum Consciousness Formula

3 thoughts on “Make The Shift”

  1. Rosalie says:

    The smallest step in the right direction in my life is actually a big step for me. I have decided to stop doing for others, because its depleting me of my life force, energy an I sometimes have no desire to see things through that I start. Since coming to this decision I feel an energy boost. Peace and warm greetings everyone.

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      The universe is a huge mirror – always reflecting your state of being. When your cup is full and overflowing – it is then doing for others as you so desire will ensure your energy remains in tact.

  2. Kenya Waterford says:

    What is a good way to block other people emotions and energy? I tend to absorb others emotions and energy and often have to question myself if they are my emotions or energy. I would be considered an Empath. I found you on You Tube looking for information regarding this and have learned so much more not to mention winning on the lottery scratch offs. I have learned how I was attracting some of the things in my life. I think some of the things I have attracted was not because of me specifically but because of this gift. I often fast from social media and I’ve always do alone time to recharge…feels like I’m plugged into a socket sometimes. Any Suggestions?

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