Let me guide you through a quick experience that might stick with you for the rest of your life…

Don’t worry, it won’t take long… Here we go:




* Step #1: Imagine right now, out of the blue, you get a phone call where the person on the other end of the line says…:

“Congratulations Mark! You’ve just won the lottery. You’re the lucky winner of $10 million dollars.”

Now let’s assume this is really a legitimate phone call, and you actually let yourself experience that…

Feels pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

You’d probably be like…:

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God – $10 million!!”

— You start to think of all the possibilities you now have, and all the wonderful things you can do…

— You feel inspired, empowered… like your biggest problems have suddenly vanished, and all your fears and worries are gone…

— You think of all the great experiences that are now within reach, and all wonderful ways you can be more generous, kind, loving and attentive to the people around you…

And right when you’re at the top of your high, that’s when it happens…

* Step #2: Imagine 10 minutes later you get another phone call that says…:

“I’m so sorry, we mixed up the numbers… It was actually a different Mark that won… I’m so sorry, you didn’t win. Have a nice day!”


That hurts real bad, doesn’t it?

Like a dagger shoved right into your chest…

You fall on the floor in tears, devastated…

In your mind, you quickly cancel that trip you had already booked, that car you had already bought, that college tuition you had already paid, or whatever it was that came to mind for you…

All those wonderful dreams, destroyed in the blink of an eye…

And then, right when your at the deepest of your low, something else happens…

* Step #3: Imagine 5 minutes later you suddenly get another phone call, saying…:

“Oh my God! Please don’t hate me… please don’t kill me… but it actually tuns out you ARE the right Mark , and you really DID win $10 million dollars. Congratulations!”

Oh boy, you feel so relieved!

Your joy and exultation shoot through the roof again!

Your mind starts spinning again with wonderful ideas and inspirations of what you can do.

You feel awesome!




So… that was quite an emotional roller coaster, wasn’t it?


** Here’s what I’d Like For You To Notice: **

[+] In that short time span, how you felt — whether it was utterly devastated or celebrative & expansive — really had NOTHING to do with the actual circumstances.

[+] In truth, this was all just the result of the mere imagination of a phone call.

[+] The things you felt strictly had to do with the meaningyou assigned to those messages, and what you made it signify about you and your life.

So here’s my point:

All those qualities of feeling inspired, empowered, worry-free, generous, kind, loving, attentive, or whatever else came up for you… are already within you.

In other words:

Instead of having to wait for outer circumstances, people, or events to improve your lot…

** … You ALWAYS Have The Power To
Activate These Qualities AT WILL! **

And that’s the true “wealth” of your being:

[+] It’s all there for you already, lying dormant inside…

[+] It’s the source of ANY type of abundance you might want to manifest in your life…

[+] And it’s all readily available and on call, waiting for you to activate it.

When you generate and activate more of that “abundance consciousness”…:

[+] It will begin to expand, impact and improve every aspect of your life… and it will start to reflect in your outer world.

[+] That’s because you deliberately build the inner “circuitry” or your creative magnetic energy that has the capacity to continuously channel and ANCHOR those higher ‘frequencies’…

… so that it’s not just a fleeting sensation that comes and goes, but a permanent state of being.

There’s only one caveat:

Nobody else will do that for you…

YOU are the one who has to actively express those qualities as best you can… because:

** If You Don’t, You’re Blocking The Flow: **

When you feel the desire for a new experience of greater love, greater freedom, greater joy, greater abundance and greater vibrancy…

… that’s a sign of a new, “higher-voltage” energy seeking to come out from inside and express itself THROUGH you.

But if you don’t give it the space to come out, that’s when trouble will begin to manifest:

[+] You’ll feel stuck, stagnated and small…

[+] Emotional upheavals begin occur, and perhaps your health will suffer…

[+] Your ‘life’ just doesn’t seem to work, or even starts to break down…

Typically, that doesn’t mean you lack anything and need to “attract” any resources of some sort as a rescue… (although it may certainly sometimes seem like it!)

Instead, it’s usually just a sign that you’re bottling up and blocking a greater energy that’s already trying to come out through you!

What you need to do is upgrade how you use your inner “circuitry” to consistently channel those energies and allow for their creative magnetic energy to flow.

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6 thoughts on “Manifestation Exercise”

  1. Thank you Mark that was very inspiring inspirational they gave me the power to continue and to believe and myself and in the universe and all it’s abundance thank you very much you peace and more prosperity

  2. David Levy says:

    I saw $10M at the beginning of step one before they said the number.
    I guess that is my number.

  3. Lekeya says:

    Thanks for teaching me how to use my mine

  4. Sandra says:

    Thanks Mark, you are amazing for sharing your knowledge with everyone.

  5. William Slade says:

    Wonderful read.

  6. LeTrianna says:

    This post helped me open up to my spouse. I was holding in my true feelings but after reading this, I communicated/let my feelings flow and I feel better. No pent up tension anymore. Thank you

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