Have you ever experienced a ‘transition state?’

You probably have… although you may not have realized you did:
‘Transition states of consciousness’ are conditions where we find ourselves temporarily poised between an old reality that has passed away and a new reality that has not yet fully formed.

They don’t just occur upon such apparently ‘negative’ developments.
In fact, they can also arise when we break through mental barriers and limiting beliefs… and enter into a new perspective of reality that hasn’t fully settled in as our new ‘default.’

That’s especially true for the early phases of the process, when you’re not yet very experienced in handling them.

As we move into these transition states, confusion can leave us feeling uncomfortable and on edge… perhaps lethargic and unmotivated..or even ‘hyper.’

Inspiration may be hard to come by as well as focusing.

Keep in mind this is part of the process of a new paradigm/belief shift.
Use mediation during this shift process.
Meditation will help center and relax you while you’re shifting towards your new reality. 

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2 thoughts on “Moving Into A New Reality”

  1. Cam64 says:

    Right on time! I kinda understood but this is just confirmation. Yes, the unease in my body, the extra energy that flows and won’t let me sleep so I go without sleep until I’m begging for relief and it comes, the disoriented feeling in the “crown” chakra, the full feeling in the back of the head, the tightening around the third eye- I find it hard to sleep and meditate but I do my best. Can’t wait til this is over. Whew!

  2. Carla Jones says:

    Yes, this is very timely.
    I’m in a transitional stage between manifesting new job and lottery/ money magnetizing.

    Have been there many times before I would get very nervous and fearful.
    My emotions have gone haywire and I just never understood what was happening .
    Now -though I am nervous with funds be low -I can catch myself and ride the wave of paradigm shifting equipped with a better understanding of dealing with my emotions.
    I appreciate the practical knowledge on how
    to better.understand the process and to work through this stage .
    For years I was stunned at how just positive thinking, mantras, karma clearing, and all of the stuff I’ve engaged in for decades didn’t work during traumatic times.
    I am grateful to have the opportunity to remedy this.

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