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Prosper Effortlessly…

Psychologists believe the brain has two minds.

The conscious mind makes all those real-world decisions.

But it’s secretly CONTROLLED by your “second mind.”

When you learn how to program that second mind, you unlock the key to manifesting your greatest dreams and desires.The second mind is your subconscious mind.

Each and every single being vibrates with its own frequency that comes from its soul. The higher the frequency the higher and more powerful the being is.

If we could see the world before it enters our eyes it would be a mass of wave patterns – thought fields. Through the collective mind we transform these fields into agreed reality – the landscape we think we see all around us. In fact, it is within us, within our minds.”

Where you are in your life, is the result of your

So if you want to be good to yourself… create
good habits.

If you desire your reality to change and live the life of your dreams then you’re going to have to take a different approach that you’ve never taken before.You must shift to a radical new way of thinking,our thoughts create perceptions hence our reality.

never try to do everything at one once.

Most people fail their habits, because they were always trying to form a million habits at the same time.

They either end up where they started, or they
might even take two steps back.

Start with 1-2 new habits, and move on to the next
one after they become a subconscious way of life.

The only power in this world which guarantees freedom is:


It overcomes negativity.

It is able to defeat hatred.
But more than that, forgiveness opens a channel for you to access your higher
mind and gain access to special levels of freedom you’ve never thought possible.
start with forgiveness today and everything else will fall into place.

It’s time for some new positive affirmations…

And it’s time for your subconscious to clear away negativity and limiting beliefs…

Once and for all?

Here are your affirmations:

“I am at peace with what is happening”

“I have an open, positive mind”

“I follow my own path of happiness”

I release things that no longer serve me”

“I transform negative energy into love and light”

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Dedication to the teachings of Quantum Consciousness Formula

One thought on “Prosper Effortlessly”

  1. Kim J McDaniel says:

    Mark I was wondering what your thoughts are on using afformations instead of affirmations? Putting a “WHY” before each positive statement.
    For example: Why Am I A Money Magney, Why Does Everything Always Work Out For Me, Why Am I Able To Manifest Anything My Heart Desires. I have been hearing a lot of positive comments on these, what is your opinion?

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