Synchronicity helps us know if we are on the right track (or not).

Signs will offer an opportunity to test choices and find out whether they’re good for us. Synchronicity is when a coincidence of a sign shifts the motion of your life. How often do you experience synchronicity?

Webster’s says the meaning of synchronicity is “to cause to operate with exact coincidence in time or rate or to operate in unison.” At the Higher Levels of Awareness, you are more likely to experience people, opportunities and all measure of material things flowing to you almost as you think of them. These are synchronistic events.

Part of synchronicity is being in the right place at the right time. Does that mean that you simply believe that you are in the right place at the right time and then you are? To some degree, yes, that’s true. But the opposite is also true. If you believe that you are at the wrong place and time, you probably will experience that as well!

Since what you focus on expands, you can create either experience as your reality. Which way do you want it to be for you?

The more you believe in and affirm the unison of your highest and best thoughts, feelings and desires the more you are likely to experience life as a synchronistic adventure.

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One thought on “Synchronicity”

  1. Jamie Hayes says:

    I see 555, 888, 222 and 111 constantly.

    Please explain what this means to my manifestation process?

    I am i close to receiving?

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