1.  Know what you DON’T want
  2.  Choose what you are truly passionate about changing or manifesting/creating
  3.  Align your conscious DESIRES with your subconscious BELIEFS.
  5.  Let go and take inspired action

Sounds simple right? It is,but knowing the steps is only the beginning. It’s applying this into your daily life that’s important. I will go deeper into each step in future post.

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4 thoughts on “The 5 Steps To Desires”

  1. carl says:

    Thank you for this information and site i will be spending time on this to alter my life like everyone else have been working the law of attraction for years and simple things have happened but not the greater things can you give me my vibrational numbers? my birthday is 4/3/1967 thanks

  2. Shahidah Hawkins says:

    I really appreciate you sharing your blessing with the world. I have focused on things just a few years ago. People we’re always coming around me and buying me things. I really didn’t understsnd any of that until now.
    I always wake up with a positive attitude an make the most of each day. I realize that I had a high vibration and truly didn’t until I came across Mark’s youtube video. I now know and pushing too get back there.☺

  3. Amadou says:

    Hey. Can you tell me my vibration number? Bday 11/1/1973

    1. Mark Haughton says:

      Visit this link for vibrational numbers processing –

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