In order to win life changing lottery jackpot prizes our minds must recognize a new Radical thinking process. Quantum physics has proven perception becomes reality. Below are my tips to make you a lottery millionaire.

TIP#1: Stop referring to the lottery as Gambling, game of chance, statistics, Odds, probabilities and luck. Perceiving the lottery in these manners creates a PERCEIVED reality within your subconscious mind of uncertainty, chance, maybe, possibility. You subconsciously set your own mind up to already fail.

TIP#2: Shift your thinking to one of Certainty. Start looking at the lottery as ONE of infinite means the Universe uses to deliver desires. Approaching from this thought perspective assures the subconscious to allow instead of resist.

TIP#3: Have fun and Be happy purchasing your tickets. Expect to win by signing your tickets. The subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real or imagined. A signed ticket to your subconscious mind means money manifested.

TIP#4: Detach and let go. I usually check my tickets every month or so. My subconscious mind is aware that I’ve already won hence no resistance only Allowance. The universe believes you already have EVERYTHING you desire. A state of need or desperation creates resistance.

TIP#5: Have fun and enjoy the process. A losing ticket does not mean a loss, it simply means your manifestation has not occurred yet.

TIP#6: Trust the process and allow your higher self to take over guidance.

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8 thoughts on “Winning The Lottery”

  1. rosanne alicea says:

    thank you Mark

  2. Jennifer cannon says:

    Hey there Mark. Thank you for your videos! I Just “stumbled ” on ur utube videos & I looked up ur fb. I have been consciously manifesting a lottery win for myself for 4 years. I recently won money on a scratch off the amount is irrelevant as to me it was just 1 more sign from the universe that my manifestation is about to materialize! When I remember back on the feelin I get so excited that my body actually buzzes…what’s that buzzing sensation about. Thank you for the work u do!

  3. Toni Love says:

    GREAT POST! Right on Time!!!

    Thank you Mark

  4. Patrick Layne says:

    Thank you Mark for sharing your thoughts. I will be putting this into practice.

  5. brittney hodge says:

    thank you mark

  6. Chris says:

    This is very helpful… thank you.

  7. Mike V.B. says:

    Here’s a crazy thought. 19 years ago I kept looking up at the stars from a late work shift and desired £1 Million. I kept wanting and hoping with a little apprehension. I had a good career, believed in hard work and liked the fantasy of having £1 Million or more with a ‘win’. I put it to the back of my mind. Then I woke up one day from a coma. I’d been crushed by a car on the wrong side of the road which hit my sports car. I was in a bad, life changing state. From having my skull crushed, to losing one of my eyes to brain damage and both lower legs crushed! The crazy thing is, my solicitor estimated my losses, financially, as £1.3 million. Five years later, I got a percentage of that through a massive legal fight for compensation. It’s very strange to understate these realities that come into our lives. Anyway, from this thinking process listed here AND tips from the Law Of Attraction I may have very well encouraged other better things into my life, some financiak and certainly better than I’d hoped. Keep trying and be clear with how you expect things to occur in your lives!

  8. Eric Kinkel says:

    I prefer to use the term win a lottery. To verbalize ‘I’ve won ‘The Lottery’…there is no such thing, except completely wiping out an entire Jackpot.

    Back in 2005 I won ‘A’ Mega Million lottery by picking 5 of the 6 numbers. Unfortunately, another person in Duluth MN picked the same 5 numbers I picked so, it became what they call a paramutual win, we each got 175K, Had the other guy “NOT picked the same 5 numbers I picked, then I would have won the entire 5 number pick winnings of 250K.

    Remember people win large amounts all the time, and when they do they win ‘A Lottery game’…not ‘The Entire Lottery’

    Small wins, over time circling your numbers can eventually lead to bigger winnings and manifestation of your desires beyond wanton greedy needs. If you exert and manifest good vibrations the universe should know your intentions. I create music… that’s my string theory contribution. Music is a good vibe the universe accepts.

    I’m still manifesting my destiny with hope, desire, music and a pathway life affordable by manifestation of overabundance of capitol funds. I look forward, not behind

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