Most of our actions are out of fear, worry or doubt because we believe nothing will get done unless we DO something. In other words, we are trying to force our desire into manifestation through action. If your decision to DO is dominant, then you will not focus on what you want to BE in the present moment. This causes you to miscreate because BEING is the first and most important step in the creative process.

Do you feel the following when you are facing with time?

Time is Slow when you wait..
Time is Fast when you are late..
Time is Deadly when you are sad..
Time is Short when you are happy..
Time is Endless when you are in pain..
Time is Long when you feel bored..
Time is Most Beautiful when you are in love.

Every time, time is determined by your feelings and your psychological conditions. Your state of BEING is directly controlled by how you FEEL and creates the space/time that you are experiencing.

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One thought on “Feeling is Being is Creating”

  1. Noah Hesbon says:

    Wow, Mark, You are insanely eloquent and a brilliant communicator. I get so much understanding from your material.

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