Do you feel as if the universe may be sometimes against you? Or your life is just full of negative situations. A positive shift is coming, so raise your heads up and be prepared.

A wise sage once said, “Out of chaos comes order.”

The order that comes does not come instantly. Our disposition, attitudes, and emotions have caused the disturbance for a length of time creating chaos.

This happens in nature, in the forming of the universe, in life, and in our own learning and development.

When a student is presented with brand new material and ideas the brain goes into a state of disequilibrium for a period. That disequilibrium or confusion can be frustrating for a time, but it is necessary for the brain to go through this in order to reorganize with the new information integrated into its system.

For even in chaos and turmoil, order will always prevail but stressing the proposition that order exists in disorder. All living organisms are guided by unwritten laws, which provide guidance and natural order even for the animals in the jungle. It is this order that prevents self-harm and obliteration of our entire race thereby protecting us from extinction.

The universe exists in contrast. Light must have Dark, positive must have negative. It is the balance of how we shift vibrations from low to high. You are clearing out chaos while creating order and your life must start shifting to the higher state of order which means desires manifested.

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