A quantum of energy only exists as a wave of probable locations and motions in space. It is omnipresent but yet nowhere at the same time. Light and matter do not exist until something happens to it to make them “real”, but what is that? Science has shown this to be something called the “collapse of the wave function”. And further investigation has revealed that it is consciousness, which performs this action to manifest reality.

The wave function contains all of the possible outcomes of a particular situation, but only one appears in the percieved real world when it is collapsed by an observing consciousness.

Knowing that each of our realities (body, mind and spirit) are made from these energy particles whose wave functions have collapsed through our own observation, we can learn how to more efficiently and elegantly manifest our own reality through better understanding and control of the wave collapse function.

By observing in our minds what we want/Desire to manifest through visualization, higher self, subconscious and direct feeling of our intentions, we can learn to create what we Desire.

You are Both the Director and actor of your own movie.Create the life you desire by focusing only on what you desire and nothing opposite.Quantum mechanics and your higher self will take care of complex inner workings and bring forth your desired reality.

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