The ego’s self-appointed function is to help you get what you think you need from the world and prevent you from losing what you have. It’s fueled by fear, and sees threats everywhere.

This fear leads to feelings of separation, lack, competition, judgment, and deep loneliness hence suffering.The truth is that all of us were born rich. Our real self is rich, not poor, as those living in poverty tend to think of themselves. It is only in our self-image, in our conscious beliefs that we are poor. In reality our self is rich and abundant.

Ego does not possess the power to run the whole show, it wasn’t designed for that.You forget who you really are, you may think this physicalized version of yourself is all there is to you. Then, of course, everything is up to it.

The ego has a function, and that is to keep your conscious mind focused into the physical reality, in the way you have chosen to believe.

Ego creates a cast mold of yourself and every passing years it gets more and more solid, just like a rock. Ego is what makes life unenjoyable.The ego tells you that life and people should be in a specific way and that reality is wrong.

Ego is why you suffer emotionally. Ego is the idea you have of yourself, your systems of beliefs, culture, everything that makes you who you think you are.

You did enter this world with an ego, it was created in this world. When you where a baby and a little child you were in a state of innocence and bliss.

In order to understand the role of the ego in your life, you must first understand its purpose. The ego is the human consciousness part of you. It was designed to ensure your security and survival.

Become aware of your doubting ego, and challenge it. Act boldly in spite of fear and doubt.

The ego is simply insecure.The EGO needs an identity to survive hence it summarize your past reflections,doubts,feelings and experiences and forms an identity of who you think you are but this is an illusion. The real you is not the thinking mind/EGO.

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