When you learn how to to silence your Inner Gatekeeper you instantly create a window of opportunity where you impress anything that you want in your subconscious mind.

People ask how long it will take them to manifest what they put out to the universe. There’s no definitive answer because it all depends on you.

It will take as long or as short as it takes you to release your resistance to having it and then believe with certainty that it’s already yours hence getting your vibration high.

if you’re very willing to let it go and do everything you can to release it fast, then manifesting might happen sooner. Often your vibration will rise as your resistance goes down.

It’s different for everyone and for every desire. A bigger goal may take longer to reach, but it may not for some people.

It can take days, weeks, year or you may never get what you want if you don’t send the right message and vibration for the Law of Attraction to pick up on. But if you want it enough, it can also only take a day.

Think like electromagnetic waves that flow out into the universe, as if you’re transmitting a radio signal. The universe receives your thoughts and reflects them back to you via the physical universe.

Physical matter is really just energy, but it’s a very dense form of energy. It takes time for our thoughts to manifest here in the physical realm. On other planes of existence, such as in your dreams, matter is much less dense, so your thoughts can manifest far more quickly.

In the physical universe, reality is more solid, yet it’s still powered by intention,belief and certainty. It just takes more energy to get things moving, so initially it may seem like they aren’t moving at all.

The essential components for manifestation are: Belief, Focus, Visualization and intentions as well as Belief in your own subconscious ability.

Resistance towards our desires includes all forms of doubt, worry, fear, or anything that causes us to have a negative feeling emotion regarding the manifestation of our desire.

Doubt is resistance and will often show itself through a constant need to evaluate where you stand in relation to your manifest desires. Every time you think about the fact that you do not yet have your desire and every time you wonder when it will manifest, you are essentially demonstrating that you hold resistance to receiving it.

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